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15 December 2010 @ 10:39 am
~Christmas Time is Here~  
Attempting to keep up with my commitment to not neglect my LJ, so here are some pictures of my Christmas season. Mostly just my tree and house decorations, which, I think, came a pretty long way from this...

to this...

Graham and I both really like and prefer real Christmas trees, but it was going to just be cheaper to get a fake tree. We got a tree on Black Friday from Joann's, supposed to be retailed at $120, that we got for $35. The box was hilariously deceiving, as you can see in the above comparison. But after some love, garland, and ornaments, it actually looks rather nice (though still on the skinny side, I do love me some fattie trees X3)

I got these ornaments at IKEA last year, I really like them since they're in my favorite color. :)

I really love getting ornaments as gifts. This is the giraffe Laina gave me, next to the Avatar Earth Kingdom ornament made by Lindsey (she made me a whole set of all the nations).

Our lovely Mudkip Christmas angel. Since I moved in with Gerald I started a hilarious tradition of putting something ridiculous on the tree. This one is pretty good, almost as good as the Christmas Angel Vegeta I made 2 years ago:

I usually set up some decorations on a counter or table, but we have limited space in both of those in our tiny apartment. So I set up the little TV dinner table I usually use for styling wigs, covered it with some Christmas fabric and voila! tiny table!

Current Music: Can I Have a Word- Capsule
Genki_uHinagikugenki_uhinagiku on December 15th, 2010 09:32 pm (UTC)
AHAHAAH! Look at that tree! You NEVER cease to amaze me, Tono! I bet the presents under it will be even MORE awesome!